NHS Shetland - Survey - March 2021

Sneak thief goes free for now

A HEROIN addict who stole a purse containing £175 from a 78 year old pensioner has been given a second chance after telling Lerwick Sheriff Court how “horrible” Cornton Vale woman’s prison was.

Earlier this month Samantha Chapman, of 20 Rudda Park, Lerwick was remanded in custody after admitting she stole the purse on 8 March while visiting the woman. She spent the money on drugs and debt and threw the purse into Clickimin loch.

Appearing for sentencing before Lerwick Sheriff Court this morning, the 24 year old was given her freedom while restriction of liberty and drug treatment and testing order assessments are carried out.

Defence solicitor Tommy Allan said her client felt deep remorse for what she had done and was disgusted with herself.

While in Cornton Vale she realised how much drugs were available in prison, and had asked to change cells because her fellow inmates were taking drugs.

Sheriff Graeme Napier told her that his initial thoughts had been to send her to jail for a long period of time, but he was now prepared to release her on bail while reports were prepared.

But he left her no doubt that custody was still on the cards. Chapman will appear before the court again on 21 April.