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Letters / Adding insult to injury

How long is NorthLink to be allowed to charge islanders to have to pay for single occupancy. One year, two years and even longer?

Why are our council not demanding a subsidy for Islanders having to pay hundreds of extra pounds or sit on a pod all night?

Again, I can state that on a busy night I had to sit next to a stranger, which put both of us at risk. We were much nearer to one another than having a person opposite me in a berth.

The two return vouchers do not cover anywhere near the amount that we who must travel frequently must pay. There is the problem of not being able to book a car on due to freight.

This is a passenger ship not the freight ship. And now to add insult to injury, the islander meal subsidy is removed. This is an appalling so called essential service.

NorthLink drops islander discount on meals and drinks with no explanation

Why is our council not lobbying the SNP government to insist on a cabin subsidy whilst Covid remains, which may be many years. Islanders are being penalised unfairly.

In other words, we are being ignored because we are a small unimportant Scottish island. The council needs to wake up. Beatrice Wishart is trying her best. More voices are needed. I have written to Transport Scotland. They have no interest. This is becoming a literally dishonest policy, under the guise of health.

Heather Butler