Court / Community payback order for aggressive behaviour

Lerwick Sheriff Court
Lerwick Sheriff Court.

A MAN from Lerwick who behaved aggressively to staff in a shop after being asked to wear a facemask has been given a community payback order.

Calum Jamieson, of Mill Lane, previously admitted the offence which took place at Cee and Jays on 24 August last year.

The 38-year-old also struggled violently with police officers after they arrived.


At court on Wednesday Jamieson – who also admitted failing to appear in court on 3 March – was given 200 hours of unpaid work and was placed under supervision for 12 months.

Defence agent Mr Foster said his client had tackled his own substance use issues but happened upon some stored away Xanax medication tablets at home whilst spring cleaning.

He tried one tablet but took more, but maintains that during the Cee and Jays incident he was feeling the effects of withdrawal rather than being under the influence.

Foster explained that an argument occurred in the shop after his client was asked to wear a facemask, causing fear and alarm to the shop keeper and his daughter.

He said Jamieson was “ashamed” to have frightened the daughter.

Foster said police were called after Jamieson stayed on the steps outside the shop, and Jamieson struggled with officers but did not fight them.

It was Foster’s view that Jamieson now has a “determination to stay out of trouble”, the court heard.