Daredevil to make amends for Spiderman stunt

Spiderman safely on land with the painting in front of the Buchan Alpha platform. Photo: Kristof Onhausz

A LOCAL daredevil who climbed to the top of the Buchan Alpha oil platform in Lerwick dressed as Spiderman is looking to give the story a “happy ending” by auctioning off a painting inspired by the stunt for charity.

Balazs Onhausz courted controversy in September when he scaled the 100m rig to grab a selfie at the top of the structure, with the picture being used in a host of national newspapers.

Onhausz climbed to the top of the disused oil rig in September. Photo: Balazs Onhausz

But the 34 year old artist is looking to make amends for the “negative” publicity the climb attracted by raising money for a Diabetes charity through auctioning a unique painting via his Facebook page.

The painting depicts Spiderman next to the oil rig – which is being decommissioned in Shetland – while being viewed through a mobile phone.

Onhausz, who said he was warned by the police over the stunt, wants to “make the most” out of the situation by fundraising.


He said it is likely he won’t perform any more climbing stunts in the isles which could potentially land him in trouble.

“I thought the best way to make the most of it [would be to auction a painting] and I thought I could do something to make the story have a kind of happy ending,” Onhausz told Shetland News.

“I know I got a lot of trouble, but I hope this might help a little bit.”

A poster for the charity auction which refers to the local and national media coverage of his stunt.

The salmon farm worker said the climb was a “very, very good experience” for him, with the thrillseeker using a kayak to head to the platform in the sea before scaling it.

“It was just a big playground really – everything was perfect, even the weather,” Onhausz said.

“But at the same time of course I’m sorry to have caused that much trouble for other people.”


Onhausz moved to Shetland in 2008 after studying art in his native Hungary and he has hosted a number of exhibitions at the Islesburgh Community Centre in Lerwick, including one of famous musicians.

He previously managed to raise £1,000 for Children In Need by auctioning a painting he created of folk musician Kris Kristofferson, which was signed by the man himself when he performed in Shetland in 2013.

“I finished art school in college in Hungary, and I’m a graphic designer,” Onhausz said. “Drawing and painting has always part of my life.”

He is also planning to do a collection of paintings of cars from film and TV, such as Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider.

To find out more about bidding on the Spiderman painting ahead of its closing date of 30 November, visit Onhausz’s art page on Facebook.