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Christmas 2012 / Irvines turn their focus to interiors

Furniture displayed in 'room sets' with accessories to give inspiration.

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If you’ve got an unexpected guest turning up for Christmas this year; if you’re looking for an unusual gift for a houseproud friend; or if you just want to get a new mattress so you can be sure of a good night’s sleep over the festive season, Irvine Interiors could be the place to find what you need.

Since the sale of the Lerwick Building Centre in July, owners Leslie and Raewyn Irvine have been able to concentrate on the interiors side of their business, offering an even better, more focused service. And, with 12 years’ experience of supplying furniture, Raewyn is a good person to turn to.

There's a range of fun and funky recycled glass clocks at Irvine Interiors.

“I just really, really like furniture,” she says, relaxing on a huge, rather fancy blue sofa. “And a suite, say, is a big buy, something you’re going to want to keep for a few years, not buy on a whim, so I enjoy helping people with choosing fabrics and styles.”

There’s certainly plenty to choose from at the large, well-stocked showroom on the Gremista Industrial Estate, with new ranges of occasional furniture for a smaller buy, plus plenty of leather sofas, dining sets and suites available for immediate delivery. And if you do need to find extra sleeping space for guests over the festive season, there are sofa beds and fold-ups available too.

The showroom at Irvine Interiors.

As well as furniture, there are all sorts of accessories on display, including mirrors, pictures, cushions and rugs, and a great range of funky recycled glass clocks. And if you’re overwhelmed by the choice, you can even buy Irvine Interiors gift vouchers.

It’s next door in the beds unit that Raewyn really starts to get passionate, though. “Yeah, I’ve got quite enthusiastic about mattresses,” she laughs. “People think it’s so boring to talk about mattresses, but when you learn what’s in them, and why, for instance, that mattress was really dodgy, you do get a bit passionate. So when people come in and say to me, ‘I just want a cheap mattress’, I say, ‘Do you really want a cheap mattress?’”

Raewyn in Irvine’s well-stocked showroom

“Experts tell us to eat well and get lots of exercise to look after ourselves, but you have to sleep well too. There’s three sides of the triangle.”

And without further ado, she gives me a demonstration of how to tell if your pillow is past it. You’ll have to visit Raewyn yourself if you want to find out – just don’t be surprised if you come away with a new mattress or three-piece suite as well.

Olivia Abbott

* In celebration of the business’s new focus, and in time for Christmas, Irvine Interiors are offering Shetland News readers the chance to win £300 of gift vouchers. Click here to enter