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Shetland Museum Photo Library

Shetland has many online projects which are true hidden gems and the Museum and Archives’ photo library is definitely one of them.

An online archive of over 60,000 images covering all aspects of Shetland heritage and culture is available to search, browse. All images are available to purchase, making it perhaps the most perfect of Christmas gifts.  Be warned though, you are guaranteed to get lost on a lengthy trip into the past.  Dating from as early as the 1880s through to the present day you are bound to find images that trigger your own memories somewhere in the collection.

In honour of the long tradition of shopping in Lerwick and beyond, Shetland News, assisted by Jenny Murray of the Museum, launched a very special Christmas advent calendar on 1 December.  Twenty five nostalgic images will be published in the run up to Christmas culminating in a very exciting competition, for full details click here and click here to view the Advent Calendar.  

The calendar is intended as a tribute to the many retailers who have graced the Shetland economy at various points over the years, and most poignantly those such as The Hansel, Clive’s Record Shop and Leasks Travel Agent who we are saying goodbye to this year.

It also hopes to highlight the positives of these economic changes, and how we should all look forward to what exciting new retail opportunities await us and how perhaps these new developments might also become part of a historical photo competition themselves in decades to come.

The photo library database allows you to search using keywords in your areas of interest such as fishing, knitting, Lerwick, Brae, etc.

Alternatively use the ‘Subject Search’ to browse through various predefined subjects displayed below:

Images can also be purchased so give someone the perfect gift this year with a nostalgic photo from their past. FOR GUARANTEED DELIVERY BEFORE CHRISTMAS, PLEASE PLACE YOUR PHOTO ORDER BY NO LATER THAN SUNDAY 11 DECEMBER 2011.

Click here to access the archive:

Shetland Museum and Archive Photographic Library

Do you have images of relevance to Shetland culture and heritage?  Why not contact the team at the Museum and discuss this with them?

They can be contacted at:

Shetland Museum and Archives

Hay’s Dock,

Tel:   01595 695057
Fax: 01595 696729

E-mail: photo@shetlandmuseumandarchives.org.uk