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Community / Library to host first online book launch
Community / More support available for people worried about alcohol or drug use
Community / Council legal team not too happy with community garden extensionNo permission had been sought from landowner SIC for the Park Lane garden extension
Council / Leask resigns from senior position over question of self-determination
Letters / An admission of powerlessness
Council / Councillor Scott steps down from committee roles‘Many vital questions remained unasked and unanswered’ in White House debate, Scott says
Viking Energy - Newsletter - Wind Farm & Transmission Link
Transport / Ferry service back to normal after breakdown
Letters / The law of unintended consequences
Council / Change of Viking Energy ownership had no impact on land leases
Letters / Out of touch attitude
Education / Pupils receive new SQA certificates
Community / Council approves plan for islands
Shetland Charitable Trust - Small Grant Scheme
Council / Council ‘notes’ petitions with no further debate
Letters / The ‘definite odour of cover-up‘
Viewpoint / Autonomy debate returns to ShetlandAhead of Wednesday’s council meeting, modern political history PhD student Mathew Nicolson argues that the latest bid for self-determination reflects grievances with centralisation and the continued erosion of local government powers rather than the desire for full autonomy.
Coronavirus / Care homes open again for strictly regulated indoor visits
Council / SIC moves ahead in developing hydrogen as an alternative fuel
Business / Global accountancy firm predicts poor economic outlook for the islesThe SIC says new projects such as decommissioning and wind farm developments will drive recovery after Covid
Letters / They will go down in history
Coronavirus / Schools well prepared for future spikes in Covid-19, SIC director says
Education / Expanded early learning programme now available across Shetland
Politics / Councillors give their views on more autonomy for Shetland
Council / Fetlar council houses empty for over five years
Weather / Road damage investigation after Friday’s downpour
Council / Crown Estate grant scheme open to applications
Letters / A council without empathy
Letters / Power deficit
Letters / SIC lobbied relentlessly for Viking
Letters / Don’t speak ill of the dead
Letters / In fear of the developer?
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