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Election / Candidates go head-to-head at election hustings
Election / Independents have their say as by-election nears
Election / Candidates respond to nursery provision crisis
Election / Greens co-leader calls for more community control over renewable energyPatrick Harvie helped to launch an extension to the Why Waste? eco shop in Lerwick as he arrived in Shetland to campaign in the by-election
Election / Candidates answer questions on youth issues from local MSYPs
Election / Row over who secured ferry funding continues
Home Energy Scotland - Win £500 towards your energy bills
Updated SNP condemns war memorial graffiti
Election / Row over Tavish’s legacy
Election / By-election news round-up
Election / Greens detect surge towards their policies
Election / Candidates to be quizzed at BBC hustings
Election / Lib Dems and SNP both publish five-point plans for transport
Living Lerwick - Spend at ad street
Election / Candidates hit out at ‘unacceptable’ Facebook comments about first minister
Election / Candidates respond to Sturgeon visit
Election / Sturgeon – ‘the door is and always has been open’First minister visits the isles for the second time within three weeks.
Election / By-election news round-up
Election / Swinson says no to Tory coalition and indy ref 2Lib Dem leader gives her backing to Wishart
Election / Lib Dems say broadband provision is a ‘scandal’
Election / SNP plans ‘super Saturday’ vote pushWills says 16 and 17-year-olds ‘hold key to election’
Election / By-election candidates keen to see Sumburgh parking charge scrappedTom Wills among those against the £3 a day fee despite SNP’s ex-transport minister saying it was the ‘only option’ to avoid cuts
Election / Tory fish spokesman backs Goodlad
Election / Labour candidate wants to see bed included in boat fareIndependent candidate Thomson also reiterates fair funding call for council ferries
Election / SNP candidate backs cheaper cabins and more ferry sailings
Updated Number of cancelled sailings shows need for ferry funding solution, Greens sayIndependent candidate Thomson also makes the case for fixed links to islands
Election / Voting reminder
Election / Candidates share their views on the fishing and aquaculture sectorShetland News contacted each of the candidates for the Shetland by-election for their views on the fishing and aquaculture sectors and their prospects in a post-Brexit Britain. Here is what they had to say.
Election / Opposing views on Europe
Election / Fishing industry fears for the future, according to Labour
Election / Lib Dems leader denies party is making ‘false claims’
Election / Thomson criticises lack of local commitment
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