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Community / Easter treasure hunt in Bigton

Bigton community shop volunteers Laura Whittall and Deepa Shah with Ayanda Armitage, who helped to make the clues.

VOLUNTEERS at the Bigton Community Shop have set up a treasure hunt for families over the Easter holidays.

Clues drawn by local children have been displayed in local householders’ windows.

Participants must find all 12 clues in order to discover a code word, which will enable them to claim an edible prize from the Bigton Community Shop.

Deepa Shah and Laura Whittall, who devised the treasure hunt, wanted to create an activity that would encourage local families to get out and about in the Easter Holidays.

Deepa said: “Lockdown has been so difficult for everyone. It’s so easy to give in to the lure of screentime but now the days are getting longer we really have to find some good reasons to get outside.”

The treasure hunt is free for all participants. Clue sheets can be obtained from the Bigton Community Shop until Sunday 11 April.