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Letters / Lies, damned lies and statistics

This quote has never seemed more true with the latest numbers on Covid from the government.

Shetland has a new case, though the victim was found in the Grampian region. Originally added to Grampian statistics it has now been “re-allocated” against Shetland because the person involved has a Shetland home address.

New confirmed Covid-19 case added to local tally

This raises a couple of questions;

  1. Is this what happened with the case reported from Shetland of a person in the oil industry?
    This case never appeared in the Shetland statistics even though he had a Shetland address. Seemingly this was because it was not confirmed by the NHS.
  2. There are a number of Shetlanders working in the salmon farming industry in Iceland and others who work in Norway, not to mention several other parts of the world outside the UK, who have Shetland addresses.
    Does this mean should they test positive for Covid they would be added to the Shetland statistics?

This potentially completely destroys the validity of the statistics put out by the Scottish Government.

Peter Hurst
East Burrafirth