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Sound wins Euro quiz
Letters / Proposals ‘fell far short’
Viking wind farm planning consent “unfair”
Letters / Machine of Bureaucracy
LERWICK police are
Guizer Jarl Neil gears up for big day
Business Gateway - webinars to support and promote your business
Man taken to hospital after ‘serious’ accident
Local SNP branch: reforms don’t go far enough
Flight lands safely
Funds raised for Clan
Kay is the lucky winner
Cadet awards
Living Lerwick - Spend at ad street
Scottish Independence Debate / Lib Dems: more powers are ‘good news’ for isles
Euro quiz for pupils
Charitable trust now has three vacancies
Court round up
£500 fine for single punch
Five months jail for string of offences
Shetland Greens
Ferry strike set to escalate
Pause for thought
Letters / Parking in Lerwick
THE A970 road at
Crackdown on parking
Urgent call for Levenwick road improvements
The best in the UK
Second feed carrier
Burra fire
Low loader tumble closes main road
From secondary to primary
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