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Community / Hayley and Amanda to walk 15 miles in memory of loved ones

The pair will raise money for the British Heart Foundation

Hayley Wiseman, with her daughter Amanda, by her late father Peter King's grave in Sandwick before starting the walk last year.

A MUM and daughter are preparing to set off on another walk between Sandwick and Lerwick in memory of late family members.

Hayley Wiseman and Amanda, 12, will walk from her dad Peter King’s grave in Sandwick to Victoria Pier in town on the last Saturday in May, covering around 15 miles.

They are raising money for the British Heart Foundation in the process, and people can donate online here.

It will be the second the pair have undertaken the walk, and the plan is to do it on the last Saturday in May every year.

Hayley chose the last Saturday in May is because her dad would do 24-hour relays for the Cancer Research Relay for Life, which is held around the same time.

Peter passed away suddenly at the age of 63 in July 2020 following a heart attack outside a shop in Lerwick.

Hayley said her dad had his heart checked a couple of weeks before and there was no concern. But on the day “in matter of minutes he went from his usually happy self to being found slumped over his van wheel”.

But the heartbreak did not end there for Hayley: in January last year her grandmother passed from a heart attack, and in September her uncle died in hospital with Covid, though he had vascular dementia.

She said it was “three massive losses in the space of 14 months – three of my loving family gone”.

“If fundraising can help even one person not have to go through what we have then it’ll be worth it,” Hayley said.

The fundraiser added that she, her mum and auntie also have Marfan Syndrome, which can affect the heart.