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Court / Man punished in court for grabbing

A MAN who grabbed three women’s backsides in Posers nightclub has been fined £840 at Lerwick Sheriff Court.

Ivan James Mouat pleaded guilty to three counts of assault which took place in the early hours of 10 June.

Mouat, 31, of Skellister, Nesting had been on a night out with his partner and had been “very drunk” in the busy nightclub.

The three women had been making their way through the crowd from one part of the club to another when they were grabbed on the buttocks by Mouat, who was seated.

CCTV footage had shown the women’s “instantaneous reactions” as each was grabbed as they passed Mouat.

They alerted security staff who escorted Mouat out and called the police.

Procurator fiscal Duncan Mackenzie told the court on Thursday that Mouat’s behaviour was “arrogant and oafish” and could not be excused by the fact he was drunk.

Mouat’s defence agent Martin Morrow said that it had been an “entirely spontaneous incident” that was over in eight seconds and that he had had to live with it with his partner over a period of many months.

He said that the incident could have had very damaging consequences and Mouat had learned a “very bitter lesson” from his actions.

Sheriff Ian Cruickshank fined him £180 for each of the three assaults and ordered Mouat to pay £100 compensation to each of his victims.

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