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Six-flat development given go-ahead

Image courtesy of DITT.

SIX new one-bedroom flats are set to be built in Lerwick after getting the green light from planners.

The houses would be built in a small development on empty land located in a corner between North Road and the Staney Hill Road.

Local company DITT is behind the plans and hopes to start work in the summer.

The proposal has had to overcome concerns from neighbouring residents, however, who told a meeting of Lerwick Community Council in September that the houses would “overdevelop” the area and create congestion.

Locals also were not sure if the style of the houses would fit in with current buildings in the area.

This ultimately led to the community council issuing an initial objection against the plans.

That objection, however, was lifted in January after Shetland Islands Council’s roads department said it was happy with anticipated traffic volume, as well as a car parking study carried out by DITT.

Nine parking spaces are required for the development, with six spaces planned on site and the other three due to be fulfilled by existing on-street parking.

The parking study concluded there was “ample” on-street parking in the area, with 28 spaces available within 240m at 7pm on a Monday – three of these within 80m.

Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021