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Letters / Campaigning to kill Brexit

In response to my criticism of Alistair Carmichael’s campaign to reverse Brexit (Carmichael one of the Brexit saboteurs; SN, 7/12/18) several commenters have made the superficially plausible claim that he is merely “representing the views of his pro-remain constituents.”

Ok. It’s true that a majority of Mr Carmichael’s constituents voted to remain in the EU. However, they did not vote to overthrow the democratic result if their side lost. That option was not on the ballot paper.

Looking back through his social media postings and local media hustings reports for the 2017 General Election I found scant evidence of any pledge to campaign for, either, a second referendum or to reverse Brexit.

What I did find plenty of however were statements boasting that he had signed the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF) pledge to support their campaign to win back full control of our fishing grounds “post-Brexit”.

This contributed handsomely to his win over the SNP whose candidate, Miriam Brett, was roundly condemned for refusing to sign.

Referring to a ‘Sea of Opportunity’ and the need to “maximise this opportunity”, the SFF Pledge states:

“As a candidate in the General Election I pledge my support to the following declaration: …….”

“We must avoid any policy, practice, regulation or treaty which could return us to the Common Fisheries Policy and the enforced giveaway of almost two-thirds of our fish stocks.”

How does Mr Carmichael square this solemn election pledge with his out-and-out campaign to kill Brexit and keep Britain in the EU and its odious Common Fisheries Policy?

John Tulloch