Letters / Consider building the new hospital in Yell

Re. Accommodation a ‘huge’ problem for incoming health staff (Shetland News, 17 August 2021).

When I moved to Shetland in 2018, I was offered a council house within three days of my application. Two of those days were a Saturday and a Sunday.

I suggest that any replacement for the Gilbert Bain Hospital is built in Yell.


Amongst other things, it would strengthen the case for fixed links. I drive over 400 miles and catch ten ferries a week to work at GBH. I don’t mind my commute though; I’m a public servant serving the public.

Locums tend to be paid vastly more than me so I’m sure they could afford it.

I know some staff need to be on call for emergencies but not every day of the year.

Depopulation of the North Isles would be alleviated if those in charge stopped thinking that Lerwick is the centre of the universe.

I think they call the idea ‘levelling up’.

Ian Simmins