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Coronavirus / FAQs published to help folk find the right answers on Covid

The local health board has published two documents aimed at helping parents, carers and young people navigate safely through the tangled web of Covid-19 guidelines

NHS Shetland has with the help of a specialist in preventive medicine compiled two easy-to-read documents of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Covid-19 guidelines for local parents, carers and young people.

Shantini Paranjothy is a professor of preventative medicine at Cardiff University. Photo: Cardiff University

Professor Shantini Paranjothy, who is currently working with NHS Shetland’s public health team, said sending children and young people to school during the pandemic can be challenging.

“We understand there is so much information out there and that sometimes a parent or a carer doesn’t know what to do next if their child gets sick – or even if their child’s friend gets sick,” professor Paranjothy said.

“The two documents lay out what the guidelines are in plain English so that if your son or daughter comes home with a fever, persistent cough or is unable to taste or smell, you will know what to do, how to arrange a test and where to go for help.”

In the document aimed at young people Professor Paranjothy explains what will happen if someone in their class (or bubble) tests positive for Covid, when isolation is necessary and how to prevent picking up the infection in the first place.

“It is a very hard time for everybody and we understand that young people and children want to go back to their old lives and the old way of doing things.

“Unfortunately, we are not at that point yet and we all have to behave responsibly so that we do not pass the virus on to someone who might not be able to recover.”

Director of children’s services at Shetland Islands Council Helen Budge said the documents support parents, carers, children and young people with answers to questions they may be asking themselves now and for the next few months.

“While it is great to have schools and early learning settings open for our children and young people here in Shetland, we need to all work together to ensure that we remain safe and well,” she said.

“These documents will help reassure people of what to do and the timescales involved as we continue through this term.”

To find the documents go to:



There is also some information from The Parent Club: https://www.parentclub.scot/topics/coronavirus