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Coronavirus / Unst gin maker produces first batch of hand sanitiser

THE FIRST batch of hand sanitiser created at the UK’s most northerly gin distillery in Unst is set to be dispatched to NHS Shetland at the beginning of next week.

Shetland Distillery Company, which produces the Reel gin, has joined other distilleries in the UK in making hand sanitiser to counter a shortage during the coronavirus crisis.

The company says its priority is to provide it to Shetland’s key workers.

The ‘Reel Clean Hands’ sanitiser is made from ethanol, hydrogen peroxide and glycerol and it is being packaged in five litre bottles.

Shetland Distillery Company director Stuart Nickerson said: “We are pleased that we can do something to help during this very difficult time.

“It is important that those workers who are in desperate need of the hand sanitiser are able to carry out their duties as safely as possible.”

The distillery said it had been approached by “medical practices, police stations, delivery companies and many other key workers throughout the islands” about making hand sanitiser.

Washing hands is a key part of advice given out by health authorities for fighting off coronavirus.

For the latest guidance on coronavirus visit the NHS Inform website.

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