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Reviews / Masterly handling of watercolour
Reviews / Instant familiarity
Reviews / Uninhabited Havera comes to life again
Reviews / No blunders…but more balls next time
Reviews / Jazz fest: a terrific weekend of music
Reviews / A variety unsurpassed
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Reviews / A truly local album
Reviews / ‘Shetland’ premieres at Mareel
Reviews / Blues fest: Happy bands, happy audience
Reviews / Review: This cat must be seen
Reviews / Review: An amazing journey in the form of etchings
Reviews / A show to savour
Reviews / Smiles all round as jazz fest lifts off
Reviews / Review: An overwhelming sense of peace
Reviews / Shetland’s Got Talent
Reviews / Review: Of birds, songs and magic
Reviews / Review: Rhapsody in da big kirk
Reviews / Review: Orchestral climax to a great weekend
Reviews / Review: The Big Kirk Chamber Concert
Reviews / Netta Fornario – Gothic magic
Reviews / Review: A master of accuracy and individual freedom
Reviews / Review: Spring choral concert left me uplifted
Reviews / Review: A delight, but the watercolours clinch it
Reviews / Folk Fest 2011: A wealth of talent
Reviews / Folk Fest 2011: Delights in the dark
Reviews / Paul Bloomer exhibition – A delight, but the watercolours clinch it
Reviews / Folk Fest 2011: Something a little bit different
Reviews / Mumford & Sons – Brilliant!
Reviews / Review: ‘It Comes’ by Joy Perino
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