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Coronavirus / People asked to phone up for Covid vaccine appointment if they have not been contacted

The Pfizer vaccine. Photo: Hans J Marter/Shetland News

ANYONE aged 18 or over in Shetland who wants a Covid vaccine but has not yet been contacted about an appointment is now being asked to get in touch with NHS Shetland.

Interim director of public health Dr Susan Laidlaw said people can phone 01595 743319 and leave a message.

Young people aged 16 and 17 should call for a vaccination appointment if they are: in a clinical risk group; are an unpaid carer; are in one of the health and social care worker priority groups or live in a household with someone who is severely immune-suppressed.

The scheduling team will call back with an appointment for the next set of clinics.

The Covid vaccination clinics running today (Monday) and tomorrow are at the Gilbertson Park Games Hall.

Those who cannot make their appointment should phone 01595 743319. The clinics are by appointment only, so the public are asked not to turn up if they don’t have an appointment.

For people who have not yet had a first dose: those aged less than 40 and pregnant women will now get Pfizer for their first dose; people aged 40 and over will get the AstraZeneca vaccine (unless there is a clinical reason for needing the other vaccine).

Those due to have their second dose will be contacted by the team between eight and 12 weeks after their first dose.

Members of the public are asked not to contact NHS Shetland to ask about their second dose unless they have reached 11 weeks or later and not yet heard; or if they had their first dose outside Shetland.

Nearly everyone will get the same vaccine as they had for the first dose, regardless of age.

A very small number of people will need the other vaccine for clinical reasons.

NHS Shetland said that everyone is asked to please read the information on NHS Inform before having their vaccination.

The leaflets have all been updated since the one that went to all households before Christmas.

Anyone who has previously declined the vaccine but who has changed their mind, contact NHS Shetland on 01595 743319 or occupational health if they are a health or social care worker.

This is specifically relevant for anyone who was pregnant or breastfeeding as the vaccine is now offered routinely to this group.