Transport / Hrossey back on schedule after repairs to propeller

NORTHLINK’s passenger ferry Hrossey arrived back in Lerwick this afternoon after a 45-hour round trip which saw her stranded outside Aberdeen harbour with what was believed to be a fouled propeller.

The vessel with 83 passengers on board had to divert to Scrabster where she arrived on Tuesday evening to allow divers to inspect her portside propeller.

Photo: Shetland News

Passengers were given the opportunity to disembark at Scrabster to continue their journey, with NorthLink assisting with onwards journeys.

Managing director Stuart Garrett said ahead of arrival at Aberdeen the ferry’s master had become aware of a vibration that indicated she had one of her propellers fouled.

The Hrossey was unable to enter Aberdeen harbour due to the prevailing weather conditions. The rough conditions also made it impossible to get a pilot on board the Hrossey to guide the partly incapacitated vessel safely into the harbour. She had then no choice but to divert to Scrabster.

“On arrival at Scrabster the dive team was able to complete a visual inspection of the blades which confirmed there was no debris on the shaft,” Garrett said.

“A shear bolt was repaired overnight allowing the vessel to depart Scrabster this morning [Wednesday] for arrival in Lerwick in the afternoon.”

The Hrossey will pick up her timetable later on Wednesday when she is scheduled to leave at 5.30pm for Kirkwall and then Aberdeen.