Amenity trust waiting on EU cash for Viking project

A photograph by Gordon Siegel when the Follow The Vikings project visited Unst.

SHETLAND Amenity Trust is still waiting to receive over £100,000 in EU funding for managing the Follow The Vikings international roadshow.

Trustees heard at a meeting on Friday that the EU’s Creative Europe programme has asked for “significantly more evidence” to support the trust’s final claim for payment.

Chief executive Mat Roberts – who said the delay was “incredibly inconvenient” – said the issue centred on evidence of staff time.

However, he said the delayed claim was “fairly typical” of what happens at the end of EU-funded projects.

The four-year Follow The Vikings project aimed to bring Viking heritage around Europe, and it stopped off in Shetland.

The project was funded by Creative Europe and managed by Shetland Amenity Trust.

Among the local events was a theatrical show at Mareel with a professional cast accompanied by Hjaltibonhoga fiddlers and a troupe of local dancers as they retold the story of warrior poet Egil Skallagrimsson.