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Coronavirus / Primary four to seven to return to school in mid-March
Coronavirus / Covid vaccines’ link to reduced risk of hospitalisation ‘exceptionally encouraging news’
Politics / Boris Johnson responds to letter on Shetland self-determination – and hopes to visit isles this year
Coronavirus / Level three restrictions set to staySchools will remain closed to the majority of children until at least mid-February
Coronavirus / Students’ staggered return to uni to be extendedA third Covid vaccine, meanwhile, has been approved for use in the UK
Transport / Sturgeon says government continues to support air discount scheme
Viking Energy - Viking Wind Farm and the Shetland HVDC Transmission Link
Coronavirus / Uncertainty over whether students may be able to go home for Christmas
Coronavirus / Sturgeon says government is open to more talks on regional restrictionsFirst minister suggests any changes for the islands would have to come with ‘trade-offs’, such as travel restrictions
Coronavirus / SNP candidate Wills calls for MP to resign over Covid-19 breachFerrier travelled on a train from London to Glasgow after testing positive
Coronavirus / Coronavirus warnings made though cases remain static in the isles
Coronavirus / Sturgeon announces new measures for coronavirus
Coronavirus / Phase two of coronavirus recovery expected to be announced today
Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021
Coronavirus / Isles MSP and MP welcome reminder that travel to islands remains for essential purposes only
Coronavirus / Contact tracing scheme to start on Thursday
Coronavirus / Sturgeon confirms people will be allowed to travel to meet other households outdoors
Coronavirus / Coronavirus may have plateaued, according to health chiefSturgeon warns social measures must remain in place
Coronavirus / No more viral patients in Shetland as lockdown set to continue
Coronavirus / Big jump in Scottish coronavirus deaths but confirmed cases static in isles
Community / Bravehearts awarded for their life saving endeavours
Transport / Government ‘very keen’ to stick to ferry contract deadline, first minister says
Election / Sturgeon – ‘the door is and always has been open’First minister visits the isles for the second time within three weeks.
Election / Sturgeon arrives in town with anti-Brexit and pro-independence message
Politics / MSP warns against a ‘never-ending independence referendum’
News round-up / Second Brexit referendum march, Sturgeon offering support to Fair Isle, SCT trustees wanted
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