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Marine / Research buoy washes up in Fetlar after journey across the Atlantic

The buoy's journey to Fetlar.

A RESEARCH buoy which tracks ocean currents has washed up in Fetlar after travelling more than 3,000 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean.

And the company which makes the gadget is looking for help in retrieving it.

The buoy was deployed off Newfoundland on the east coast of Canada in July last year after starting its journey in Maine. It is produced by US company Maker Buoy.

The buoy, used for scientific purposes, has GPS tracking and satellite communications so its owner is able to pinpoint where it is.

An example of what the buoy looks like.

The company’s Wayne Pavalko, from Maryland, said: “The ‘Maker Buoy’ is a simple, open source design.

“Over 300 of them have been produced for use by researchers and educators.

“This customer buoy left the US last summer and was deployed off Newfoundland in July. Made its way on the prevailing currents over the past 10 months. It came ashore in Fetlar in mid-April.”

He described the buoy as a “modern day message in a bottle”.

“If recovered, it can be shipped back and put back into service monitoring ocean currents,” Pavalko said.

Other buoys deployed by the company have also come ashore in Ireland and the Hebrides.

Can you help retrieve the buoy in Fetlar? Get in touch with Maker Buoy’s Wayne Pavalko through makerbuoyshop@gmail.com for more information.