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Letters / What service will be target of the next budget cuts?

It is worth noting these words from om councillor Smith.

“The whole premise of school closures was predicated on the idea that it was going to save money, but it doesn’t save the kind of sums that some councillors at the time thought it would.”

‘Exciting opportunity’ to shape education to meet bairns’ long-term needs

Isn’t that what communities around Shetland argued at the time of various closure attempts. I was involved in three closure consultations where the negligible cost savings were a key defence. The argument was ignored by officials who had no concept of the numbers.

Let us not forget there are still councillors there today who supported the officials. Hopefully that argument has now been settled by councillor Smith.

However, if you are thinking about standing for the next council it will likely face budget cuts. I wonder where they will be targeted?

Alan Macdonald
North Roe