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BBC Filming / Gletness to feature prominently in new Shetland crime drama series

FILMING the 7th series of the Shetland drama starring Douglas Henshall, Allison O’Donnell and Steven Robertson will move to South Nesting later this week and into the next.

Action scenes will be filmed at Nort House in Gletness as well as on public roads in the surrounding area.

Production company ITV Shetland has warned that some traffic management measure will have to be in place to do the filming safely.

The details are as follows: –

Friday 3 September: Filming will take place around the area of the property itself between 9am and 9pm.

No specific traffic management measures will be necessary but people should be aware of significantly increased traffic movements and parked vehicles in the area.

Monday 6 September: Action scenes will be filmed on the track leading to Nort House between 7am and 8pm.

A ‘stop/go’ traffic management system as shown on the map above, will be in place for the minor road between South Nesting and Gletness.

These measures will only be in use occasionally and for short periods of time – normally for a few minutes only – while scenes are actually being filmed.

Tuesday 7 September: A combination of full road closure of the Gletness road and a stop/go traffic management will be implemented while filming takes place between 7am and 8pm – see map below. Resident have been guaranteed access at all times.

Location manager Davie Gardner said: “Also please note that our fleet of technical support vehicles will be operating and parked in the area of the location, while our main vehicle support unit will be located at the old Catfirth airbase.

“Again, please be aware of increased traffic – including some larger vehicles – in both these areas and on the roads in between too.

“We apologise in advance for any inconvenience, disruption or disturbance caused by this and assure you we will do everything possible to limit such issues at all times.”

For any queries please contact Davie Gardner directly on 07867 654 509 or, alternatively, assistant local manger Andy Ross on 07963 713 446