Police / Most people complying with Covid legislation, police say

POLICE in Shetland have said the “behaviour of an irresponsible minority” of local people has continued to be an issue during the pandemic – but officers have praised the community for the manner and spirit in which most people have followed Covid restrictions over recent months.

In his monthly report to Lerwick Community Council, area commander Lindsay Tulloch said that a number of people had to be dispersed and fines were issued over recent weeks.


The chief inspector was not present at the meeting to give further details.

However, in his report for September he reiterated the local force’s approach of “common sense and courtesy” when policing compliance with the latest Covid restrictions.

“We have seen the significant risks posed by the irresponsible behaviour in other parts of Scotland, and our enforcement activity has reflected the risk to public health and growing public concern over it,” Tulloch wrote.

“In response to these house parties, we have had to disperse a number of people and issued fixed penalty fines for Covid offences.


“We recognise the significant and ongoing impact that these measures are having on people’s lives, but we will not tolerate behaviour that puts the lives of others, and the safety of their community, at risk and we continue to enforce the regulations where it is appropriate and necessary to do so.”

He added: “Our policing approach will continue to use common sense and courtesy as the bedrock to policing this pandemic, and we will – except when the breach of the law is wilfully blatant, or a repeat breach, in which case we will go straight to enforcement – continue to engage with the public, explain the legislation and encourage compliance.”

The report also showed that in September there were 193 incidents recorded in Lerwick.

Twelve of these related to incidents of noisy neighbours, while there were two anti-social behaviour fixed penalty tickets issued.

There were four reported assaults, four breach of the peace/disorder offences and four reported thefts.