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Letters / The risk of flooding and peat slides

I want to voice my concerns about the lamentable to non-existent response to the all too frequent failures of Viking Energy to control sediment run offs from its recent construction works.

Every single time we have substantial rainfall, we have contaminated water running into our natural watercourses. Quite apart from the environmental damage, there is a real risk of the flood defences breaching promoting peat slides with perhaps fatal consequences.

The A971 above Tresta and Weisdale Voe are under direct threat, and so are all the croft houses below Sound of Scord. (Photos enclosed)

I believe our own council and individual councillors have invested too much political capital and personal kudos in Viking Energy to take any action, or perhaps they lack the courage!

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency and Scottish Natural Heritage appear unable to act independently being under the heal of the Scottish Government. Many jobsworths there, just scared to rock the boat.

The photographs I enclose show the most rudimentary of flood defences holding back thousands of gallons of water spill of and perhaps thousands of tons of wet peaty sediment.

These defences are already failing after a few wet days, I dread to think what will happen if a few feet of snow and a typical Shetland storm is followed by a rapid thaw.

Just who will be responsible for the lives of those who live below this nightmare.

Ian Tinkler