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Prevenge: ‘a gnarly and hilarious revenge film’

AFTER screening Sightseers for an enthusiastic audience on Friday evening, Alice Lowe returned to Mareel on Saturday to show her directorial debut Prevenge, a film she also wrote and starred in whilst heavily pregnant.

A twisted, gnarly and hilarious revenge film, Prevenge follows Lowe’s character Ruth as she picks off the remaining members of a climbing trip, which results in the death of her husband – whilst being encouraged to do so by her unborn foetus.

Always compelling but sometimes grisly, Prevenge went down a success for the Saturday night crowd. Some members of the audience were already familiar with the film and its twists and spills, but there were audible gasps during the screening from the uninitiated.

The Q&A led by Linda Ruth Williams and Mark Kermode with Lowe afterwards offered a further insight into the film, with Lowe answering various questions on the origins of the film, the horror films that inspired Lowe’s work and the critical acclaim Prevenge had received across the world.

Lowe explained how she directed and starred in the film between the seventh and eighth months of her pregnancy, an incredible achievement made more impressive having just watched the lengths to which her character had gone to during the film.

As she was after Sightseers, Lowe was funny, engaging and more than happy to go into depth to explain the references layered throughout the film.

Amongst her anecdotes, Lowe discussed at length if she will ever be able to show Prevenge to her young daughter Della, the unwitting star of the film as the mastermind behind the killing spree – a discussion which elicited much laughter from the audience.

Possibly the best horror/comedy to come out of Britain since Shaun of the Dead, Prevenge was a fitting way to close a great day of Screenplay events which had already showcased films by Nick Park and Timothy Spall – it proved to be a treat for those who went in knowing what they were getting themselves in for, and to those who went along unsure of what to expect.

Ryan Nicolson