Tricky recovery of cement mixer out west

The aftermath of removing the cement from the barrel.

A LOCAL civil engineering and haulage company has had a tricky time of it over last few days after it had to recover one of its cement mixer trucks from a Westside bog.

The Garriock Bros truck, which was carrying a full load of cement, tipped on a single track road at Selivoe last week after one of the wheels hit the soft verge.

The company’s managing director George Garriock said the recovery operation had been a drawn out and expensive operation.

After removing the barrel carrying the cement, the company was able to bring in machinery to tow the truck back on to the road.

However, because the cement had set, a metal cutter and a rock breaker had to be used to first cut the barrel open and then break up the concrete before it could be removed.

Garriock said that because road side verges were so soft at this time of year, it only needed one mistake by drivers cause an accident.

“The driver escaped uninjured, but his pride was severely dented,” he said.