Public control is key

Jonathan Wills has hit the nail on the head with his latest letter They are all internal ferries (SN, 19/10/2017). It is time to be realistic and demand what market loving liberal minds have chosen to think impossible.

The cost of shipping goods and people from Unst to Aberdeen or vice versa should be the same as doing so from Lerwick. How else can remote businesses and communities expect to thrive?

It is possible to buy a rail ticket from Aberdeen to all Birmingham stations. A ferry ticket to Shetland should be good for any destination in Shetland, adjoining bus included.

Otherwise the future of our peripheral communities has already been written.

It is not so long ago that market loving liberals, including our own MP and MSP opposed the minimum wage. They need help sometimes, poor souls.

Public control, meaning here public ownership of our most vital services is the key.

Peter Hamilton