Girls double fundraising aim

A new look just in time for Christmas: Faye Anderson and Lori Sutherland displaying their chopped-off locks.

TWO girls from Whalsay have raised almost double their target amount after getting a combined 25 inches of hair cut off to raise money for the Little Princess Trust.

Ten year old pals Faye Anderson and Lori Sutherland had their hair cut on Friday, having 11 and 15 inches chopped off respectively, and their JustGiving page now shows that a total of 51 donations have raised some £1,360 after they set an initial £700 target.


The challenge came about after the pair of Star Wars fans grew their hair long so they could look like the characters Princess Leia and Rey for a celebration event 18 months ago.

Faye’s mother Ann Marie Anderson said Faye and Lori were over the moon” that the “absolutely amazing” fundraising total meant they were able to purchase three wigs instead of the intended two for the Little Princess Trust.

“Da lasses wis lik tae thank Wilma Anderson and Chat Simpson fir cutting der hair and a huge thank you tae everybody fir sponsoring them.”