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Prescription fraudster phone scams pensioner

FOLK in Shetland are being warned about phone scammers who use a call about medication to find out their bank details.

NHS Shetland has confirmed that an elderly lady was duped into giving her details to a man who called her on Wednesday night to tell her to stop some of her prescriptions.

The scammer then told her that he would provide an alternative herbal medicine and asked for her bank details.

The woman agreed to his request and the man removed funds from the woman’s bank account before the police and trading standards were informed.

The local NHS has told staff to make sure people are alerted to the scam and to be aware of any suspicious calls.

If they think they receive phone correspondence of this kind, patients are encouraged to end the call and contact their health centre.

Local charity Yell Health Support Group meanwhile posted on Facebook that the woman had lost £270 as a result of the scam.

Reports locally suggest that the calls have been going on in Shetland for at least two weeks.