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Letters / Irrelevant

Would Tom Morton care to enlighten us as to why this should be an issue in a general election (Clan chief Skene; SN, 04/05/15)?

What are his thoughts on Clan ‘Windsor’ AKA the ‘Saxe-Coburg-Gotha’ Clan? Who are elected by nobody but supposedly put in place by god.

As for attending Eton (if Danus Skene did), the link Tom Mortpn provides also says:

‘WARNING: this page is still under construction – it probably contains lots of typos and errors
Check it again in about 365 days and it should be fixed.’

Not even sure if that isn’t a parody/satirical website.

How many of the last Westminster government were ‘schooled’ at Eton? Eh!

Tom was born in Carlisle so is a Cumbrian by birth like me, despite his wiki entry referring to him as Scottish, but that’s just as [i]relevant as his attack on our MP in waiting so I won’t dwell on it.

Alan Crowe
School house