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Letters / Disingenuous

Extremely disingenuous and with a forked tongue,
A contrived piece of nonsense from the bold Mr Young,
The Better Together statement is not as he said,
No mention of Edinburgh is there to be read,
Just like Salmond’s EU letter copied from Google,
We get fantasy and fiction from yes man Dougle.

Douglas’s fiction (Indebted to Mr Harmer; SN, 20/12/13) Shetland Better Together page states:

“‘This page is here to help mobilise support and organise campaigning from people across Edinburgh who want Scotland to remain as part of a strong United Kingdom. Please share with your friends and family.’ Hardly local!”

Better Together Page fact: “Better Together is the cross party campaign that promotes the view held by millions of Scots: that Scotland is a better and stronger country as part of the United Kingdom.”

On Yes Shetland’s page they live in a city,
Glasgow or Edinburgh oh what a pity,
Shetland yes men are not often seen,
In Lerwick or Yell you know what I mean,
While Better Together come mostly from Shetland,
Not Dundee or Perth or the tropical wetland.

Oh and Douglas why did you stop where you did about Fergus Ewing’s statement (Huge Renewables – easy! SN, 21/12/13)?

You conveniently forgot to mention what he said about the future of Shetland in renewables: “because that is where the wind is”.

What do you think he meant by that then? Or would that be a vote loser for you and your Yes team.

You are keen to spill the beans on the two Alistairs, so come on and tell the truth like you promised and tell us all that Fergus said about wind powered renewables in Shetland.

Gordon Harmer