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Letters / No regards to human health impacts

I would like to thank Helen Erwood (Coffee table science, SN 25 June 2012) for her reply to my letter.

She is correct in stating I use the internet for information, but I do not cite the information out of any malice, only genuine concern.

I have no means of finding out the health effects of wind farms except from the Internet as despite having asked Viking Energy over the past five years for information – so far I have received none.

If we are going to go down the road of using distorted information from the Internet I would like to point out that in Viking Energy’s initial planning document the company incorporated information relating to health issues – they did not bother with a Health Impact Assessment. 

Viking Energy quotes from recommendations from of the Working Group on Noise from Wind Turbines.  This was an industry group with no epidemiologist present.  Interestingly, the group also consisted of people employed by the wind farm industry.

So does that mean Viking Energy can also be accused of using ‘coffee table’ science?

In January 2010 the NHS highlighted that “what is now needed are studies that compare people exposed to turbine noise with well matched control subjects who have not had that exposure.”

So of course I am seriously concerned with regards to the way the entire wind farm industry is going with no regards to the health of human beings and unfortunately I cannot find any references to human health on your recommended sites.

But at least, unlike us, the Caithness folk can breathe a sigh of relief.

Evelyn Morrison

Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021