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SIC candidates announced

A TOTAL of 43 candidates have put their names forward for election to Shetland Islands Council in May 2012, compared to 50 last time round in 2007.

All seven wards will be contested by at least four candidates, with four wards having seven people standing for council.

The candidates are:
North Isles: Gary Cleaver (independent), Steven Coutts (independent), Robert Henderson (independent), Jim Johnston (independent), Alan Skinner (independent).

Shetland North: Colin Arnot (independent), Alastair Cooper (independent), Davy Cooper (independent), Alan Macdonald (independent), Andrea Manson (independent), Drew Ratter, Jim Reyner (independent).

Shetland West: Andy Holt (independent), Marion Hughson (independent), Tom Macintyre (independent), Frank Robertson (independent), Gary Robinson (independent), Theo Smith (independent), Ian Tinkler (independent).

Shetland Central: Mark Burgess, John Hunter, Peter Jamieson (Scottish Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship”), Davie Sandison (independent), Ian Scott, Vaila Wishart (independent).

Shetland South: Allison Duncan (independent), Billy Fox (independent), Andrew Shearer (Scottish Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship”), George Smith (independent).

Lerwick North: Bill Adams (independent), Malcolm Bell (independent), Caroline Miller (independent), Danus Skene (SNP), Michael Stout (independent), Allan Wishart (independent), Alex Wright (independent).

Lerwick South: Peter Campbell (independent), Jim Henry (independent), Robbie Leith (independent), Iain Morrison (SNP), Cecil Smith (independent), Amanda Westlake (independent), Jonathan Wills (independent).

The formal notice of poll and notice of election agents will be published shortly on the council’s election webpage http://www.shetland.gov.uk/elections/