Roadshows to learn of sustainable transport

ALTERNATIVE modes of transport and tackling fuel consuming driving habits are just two of the many sustainable transport issues to be highlighted at a series of roadshows held over the next four weekends.

The first kicks off on Sunday at 2pm at Gilbertson Park and Hall where islanders will learn how to reduce their fuel bills as well as their carbon footprint. 


Information on alternatives to using the car as well as eco-driving and car sharing will be provided by staff from Shetland Amenity Trust, Carbon Reduction Shetland, transport partnership ZetTrans and many other organisations.

Shetland carbon reduction officer Harriet Bolt said: “We are planning a range of activities for the roadshows, including bike maintenance demonstrations, route planning, eco-driving tips and trips in our new armchair bike.  We would also encourage anyone with a bike to bring it along for a free cycle safety check.

“Sustainable transport transcends all ages, from pushchairs, trikes and cycles to skateboards, electric scooters and hybrid cars. 


“Through eco-driving, public transport and car sharing, longer commutes can be more fuel efficient and those who have short commutes could feel the benefits, both in their pocket and health, of leaving the car at home for a couple of days a week.”

Chair of ZetTrans, councillor Iris Hawkins added: “We have a continuing need to reduce emissions from transport and with current fuel prices Shetlanders reliance on their cars is getting increasingly expensive. 

“These roadshows are designed to highlight alternative modes of transport as well as how just a few changes to your driving technique or usual commute can make a big difference.”

The roadshows will be at the following locations on the following Sundays 2-5pm
22nd May – Gilbertson Park & Hall, Lerwick
29th May – Bixter Interchange & Hall
5th June – Gutcher Ferry Terminal & Wind Dog Cafe, Yell
12th June – Dunrossness Hall