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Stuart’s Sovereign Nation of Shetland

SHETLAND independence campaigner Stuart Hill is to embark on his latest provocation when he declares the Sovereign Nation of Shetland.

The sixty seven year old said on Thursday that he and at least six others would proclaim their individual sovereignty during a ceremony on Monday lunchtime, at Lerwick’s Market Cross.

Mr Hill is better known as Captain Calamity after being rescued from his capsized yacht Maximum Exposure 50 miles off Shetland in 2001.

Since arriving in the isles in this unusual fashion, he has been a tireless campaigner in favour of ancient udal law and arguing Shetland has never officially been made part of Scotland.

Two years ago he declared the tiny island of Forewick Holm as the crown dependency of Forvik, which does not accept the UK government or the European Union as its superior.

On Monday he will go one step further which, he hopes, will lead to a completely new society.

“For people dissatisfied with the present system and prepared to take responsibility for their actions, the new nation offers a ray of hope for a better future.

“Tested research shows that the United Kingdom government does not have the authority it claims in Shetland.

“By simply withdrawing their consent to be bound by its statutes, citizens of the Sovereign Nation of Shetland will set up their own alternative society, the benefits of which are expected to encourage other Shetland people to follow suit,” he said.

He said the benefits of this new society would be considerable such as a consensual democracy where the people were in charge of the politicians, tax levels determined by the citizens themselves and a fair banking system.