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Environment / Wishart wants to see investment in ‘electric car revolution’DVLA figures show uptake is slow among isles drivers
Climate / Pelagic fish a ‘climate smart food source’
Climate / Council looks to recruit to ‘very important’ climate change role
Viewpoint / ‘We are blessed with abundant potential at a time the world needs it most’
ZetTrans / Future of transport reaches turning pointZetTrans’ policy and project officer Robina Barton makes the case for increased use of public transport in difficult times
Letters / Let’s move forward together
Viking Energy - Viking Wind Farm and the Shetland HVDC Transmission Link
Climate / Individual responsibility a key focus at latest climate strikeShetland Islands Council also hosts event aimed at sparking conversation on climate change
Climate / Council committed to action on climate changeCampaigners and the council call on the community to work together to reduce carbon footprint
Council / Climate change report gets first airing in front of councillors
Letters / No man is an island
Climate / Climate group wants ‘greater response’ from SIC
Council / Council prepares for week of climate decisions
Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021
Environment / People encouraged to join Scottish climate discussion
Climate / Sun shines in town as Lerwick joins global climate strike
Letters / Slow in declaring a climate emergency
Climate / Council slow in responding to climate change
Climate / Everyone can help slow the decline of kittiwakes
Letters / ‘Misinformation at its most dangerous’
Climate / What folk are doing to beat the big New Year climate change challenge – Part 2
Climate / What folk are doing to beat the big New Year climate change challenge
Letters / Tackling climate change: ‘it’s not news – and there’s no money in it’
Showcases / Energy advice that could help businesses save thousands of poundsA new energy advice service offered by Shetland Islands Council (SIC) has been set up to help the isles’ 1,200 small and medium sized enterprises reduce their carbon footprint and make big savings in the process.
Reviews / ‘Failure is not an option’Wildlife cameraman and climate change campaigner Doug Allan has been in Shetland for a series of talks in local schools, and one at Mareel on Sunday night. Alex Purbrick went along.
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