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Business / Wholesaler drops Russian-owned vodka brands

A LOCAL wholesaler has stopped selling Russian-owned vodka in a “socially conscious decision” against the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Two brands of vodka are no longer being stocked by JW Gray after Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine last week, which has been condemned across the world.

General manager Brian Johnston said the decision was a “small step” but one that has been made to highlight that what Russia is doing is “not acceptable”.

Numerous trade sanctions have been imposed on Russia by countries across the world, but some companies have also been taking things into their own hands.

This includes something of an international boycott of Russian-owned vodka brands.

Johnston said: “I think the world is waking up to the fact that to stop this we have to take a peerie bit of a stand on it.”

Grays took the step of contacting suppliers to ask about the origins of brands’ ownership.

While the popular spirit originates from Russia, Johnston said many brands are owned and produced by companies elsewhere.

This includes leading brand Smirnoff, which is owned by British company Diageo.

Scotland even has its own vodka – Dancing Puffin, which is made by Highland company Badachro Distillery.

Meanwhile an event is being planned for the Market Cross in Lerwick on Saturday to give local folk the chance to show their support for the people of Ukraine.