Letters / Not a sustainable and resilient option

Wind farm site ‘flies in face’ of government’s wish to mitigate climate change, natural heritage expert claims

The above article raises interesting issues. Peat bog is unequivocally one of the most effective natural carbon sinks known.

Reinstatement of any complex natural habitat is a doubtful process in terms of probable effect.


Increasingly, developers submit planning applications for proposed sites that are much larger than what is wanted, then make significant “reductions” when there is public protest.

Can “government calculators” that are designed to show their populist policies in a favourable light be relied on to produce robust results?

When will governments have the courage to admit publicly that the only way in which to effectively combat climate change is to significantly alter lifestyles, and that tinkering around the edges to ensure that unpopular decisions don’t have to be made is not a sustainable and resilient option?

Leslie Sinclair,
Broad Street