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Arts / Mysterious metal monolith pops up in Lerwick

Art Machine directors Craig Sim (left) and Jonny Polson perplexed after the monolith 'appeared' outside their office.

UNUSUAL metal monolith structures have been grabbing the headlines across the world in recent weeks after mysteriously popping up out of nowhere – and now Shetland has one too.

A shiny metal structure was spotted outside the Art Machine office in Lerwick at around 4pm this afternoon (Friday).

Art Machine director Craig Sim said: “We were aware of these monoliths popping up mysteriously all around the world, but we never thought we would see one in Shetland.”

It may or may not be a coincidence that the monolith has turned up outside design company Art Machine – with some suggesting the structures, first seen in a Utah desert, have been something of a global art project.

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