Military ordnance thought to be marine smoke marker

A ROYAL Navy bomb disposal team is now expected to arrive in Shetland on Tuesday to inspect a piece of military ordnance which washed up in the west mainland.

A Royal Navy spokesperson said the item is thought to be a marine smoke marker.

The coastguard said on Saturday evening that rescue officers were maintaining a cordon near the point of Grunataing in the Walls area.


People are asked to stay clear of the area until the navy team has safely disposed of the item.

A Royal Navy spokesperson said: “We can confirm that Royal Navy bomb disposal experts from the Clyde-based Northern Diving Group will travel to Shetland to dispose of an item found on a beach.

“From photographs, the item appears to be a marine smoke marker; however, this will not be confirmed until a full examination has taken place.”

The navy team is due to inspect the item, and potentially dispose of it, on Wednesday.

It is understood that while the item presents a small explosive hazard, the disposal of the item is unlikely to be very spectacular.