Community / From Norway to Spiggie as message in bottle from children washes up on beach

A MESSAGE in a bottle from schoolchildren in Norway has found its way to Shetland after a journey at sea spanning hundreds of miles.

Eve Eunson found the bottle at the Peerie Spiggie beach in the south mainland on Monday (25 May).

Inside was a handwritten note, which was translated from Norwegian through the help of friends on Facebook.

The bottle was sent from Ølberg, which is near Stavanger on the west coast of Norway.


It appears the message was sent from children in a nursery, with the note saying: “In our group we have talked about weather and wind, tides/currents in the sea.

“So now we want to explore this. I was thrown into the sea by Ølberg Havn and you found me…hope I can get a reply from you.”

It looks like the children’s wish will come true, with Eve – who hailed it as a “great find” – intending to write back.

“I’m planning to send a note and some sweeties to them,” she said, adding that she is thinking of including some of Shetland Fudge Company’s Puffin Poo treats.

“I want to try to contact the school first though, to make sure they are open.”