Letters / ‘Dis is whit passes fir democracy’

Kens du hit’s a start fae am hed a yarn wi my ould freend Baabie o da Birsie Scord. Hooiver whin I spak wi her shu lowsed is üswil aboot cooncil an da wye dae seem tae be cringed wi Viking Energy.

“Boy” says shu, “did du see yun guidless bröd an slester at VE med abun Sandwaater? Kens du dae hed da impidince tae say at hit wis a ‘archaeological investigation’. Weel, am watched a lok o dat kind o thing upo da TV an dae aalways skrit aafil peerie wyes wi trools an dicht da mold aff o things wi pent brushes – no rivin wig ret arcs o diggers!’


“Baabie” says I “du is wan monement – trools an brushes wid be fir nae öse in weet moor – I hard dat dae wir lookin fir da ormils o da legendary Nestin Nunnery bit dae fan nae sign o him.


I agree dat dae left a guidless elt ahint dem – mind du Mester Holdhim – da heid o planning – tocht dae wir left a braaly trig job ahint dem an du kens he likely his a PhD in precision poan placement wharis me an dee hos hardly a ‘O’; level atween wis.

“Du sees Baabie, if da fok at wanted yun steps at Eshaness hed a sed hit wis so dat da tourists could hae a panoramic view o da turbines sheenin coral pink abune da risin sun – weel da da cooncil micht o geen dem a grant tae bigg amphitheatre dere is weel!

“An is fir yun puir craeturs tryin tae rig up you ould Lodberrie dey sood juist say tae planning dir hoopin tae öse hit fir a ‘Peed de Tarr’ (I lik dis foreign wirds) fir Viking an hit wid pass nae budder.”

“Boy” say Baabie. “I dunna tink at ony o yuns right?”

“Weel nedder do I my Baabie” says I “bit is du platches doon da guttery gaet o life du’ll fin dat – in Shetland onywye – dis is whit passes fir democracy.”

Donnie Morrison