Transport / Isles-bound plane taken out of service after collision with toilet truck

Photo: Shetland News

A FRIDAY afternoon flight from Glasgow Airport to Sumburgh was delayed after a toilet servicing vehicle drove into the plane while it was preparing to depart.

The plane – which was due to leave at 1pm – was taken out of action as a result, and a spokesperson for Loganair said that a replacement plane was flown from Aberdeen.

This caused delays to the service, pushing back the arrival time in Sumburgh from 2.30pm to around 5.30pm.

Passenger Lorna McKay, from Shetland, said the truck caused a dent in the plane. “All passengers had already been seated and ready when we got told to get off again,” she said.

A Loganair spokesman, meanwhile, said: “Today’s Glasgow-Sumburgh flight, due to depart at 13:00, was hit by a toilet servicing vehicle.

“A replacement aircraft is being flown empty from Aberdeen to Glasgow to take over the flight at the earliest opportunity, but there is regrettably be a delay as a result for which we apologise to our customers.”

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