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Education / Councillor unhappy with inspectors over child identity

A SHETLAND councillor says he is “appalled” that greater efforts weren’t made by the Care Inspectorate to protect a child’s identity in a recent nursery inspection report.

Lerwick South member Peter Campbell spoke up about the issue at a meeting of Shetland Islands Council’s education and families committee on Monday after two positive reports were presented on nurseries in Shetland’s outer islands.

Swan Trust secretary Peter Campbell.Councillor Peter Campbell.

While Campbell said he wished to extend his congratulations to staff at the nurseries, he expressed his disappointment at how the Care Inspectorate did not shield the identity of a child in one of the reports.

The issue arose due the small number of children attending the nursery.

“I request a letter should be sent to the Care Inspectorate,” Campbell said.

The councillor said that “for years, Education Scotland and HMI [Her Majesty’s Inspectors] have worked hard to protect the identity of individuals”.

He said he was “quite appalled” that the identity of a child and their gender could be determined from one of the reports.

The board agreed to write to the Care Inspectorate on the matter, with chairman George Smith saying that Campbell had “made a good point”.

Scottish Parliament election, 6 May 2021