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Community / Clickimin Broch and Town Hall clock faces go red for good causes

The Clickimin Broch lit up in red on Friday night. Photo: Jim Mullay

THE CLICKIMIN Broch and Lerwick Town Hall’s clock faces were lit red on Friday evening to mark two national campaigns – one promoting anti-racism education and one promoting dyslexia awareness.

The two landmarks have gone red for anti-racism movement Wear Red Day and the Go Red campaign, which aims to promote literacy and a greater understanding of dyslexia.

The broch and the Town Hall clock faces are due to be lit red for the duration of the weekend.

Shetland Islands Council convener Malcolm Bell said: “It’s not often that we have requests to recognise two separate causes on the same day but as both have asked us to light the clock faces of the Town Hall red, it’s an opportunity to highlight them both.

“I know that Shetland is an inclusive community and we must vigorously challenge racism wherever and whenever it occurs.

“And as one in ten people are dyslexic, I hope we can also recognise their positive contribution to our schools and workplaces, and that we can all work to better support anyone with dyslexia.”