Court / Man who smashed into lamp post banned from driving

A DRUNK driver who crashed his van into a lamp post after driving on the wrong side of the road has been banned for a year.

Scott Robert Douglas, from Station Road in Renfrew, admitted the drink driving charge and one of dangerous driving on 12 July this year.

Lerwick Sheriff Court heard on Wednesday that Douglas was seen driving erratically after stopping to get a take away in Lerwick at 9.30pm.

After driving through the town centre via the Esplanade, Douglas continued to the South Road where he veered into the opposite carriage and struck a lamp post.

Police breathalysed the 25-year-old at the scene where he was found to have 90 microgrammes of alcohol in 100ml of breath, a reading confirmed by the procedure at the police station.

Sheriff Ian Cruickshank fined Douglas £500 on each charge and sentenced him to a year’s driving disqualification on each charge, to run concurrently. He will also have to resit his driving test before regaining his licence.